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Top 5 Ways to Say Thank You During Nursing Home Week

Top 5 Ways to Say Thank You During Nursing Home Week

Every year, right after Mother’s Day we celebrate National Nursing Home Week. It gives us an opportunity to stop what we’re doing and say thank you to all of the staff who shows up to work every day to take care of our loved ones. We know that every job is equally valuable in creating a dignified lifestyle for our residents and patients.

Nursing Home Week is a great opportunity to recognize any special staff who has made a difference in your loved one’s life. We know you love your family members, but sometimes it comes as a surprise to people how much we have come to love your family also. We see them every day and have come to know and love their personalities. Your loved ones have made a difference in our lives, and each person teaches us something new. It’s an honor that you chose to share your loved one with us, and we do our best to take care of them each day. Here are the top 5 ways you can say “thank you” during this special week.

1. A Simple Face-to-Face Thank You

If you would like to take advantage of this week to recognize a special staff member or a team of staff members, the best thing you can do is just come in and say thank you. Tell a staff member how much you appreciate their work! This sounds too simple, but it really means a lot to staff. The best part is, when you come in and say thank you, the staff member will often share stories about why the love you family member so much. It’s a win-win because the staff member knows they are appreciated, and you can walk away learning something new about your loved one.

2. A Card

Another way to share your gratitude is with a card. Every person who works at a nursing home has a special stack of cards or notes from families. They’re a great, tangible reminder of a special person. On days when you find yourself dragging your feet, you see that card and remember why your job is so important. Put a pen to paper and write out a heartfelt thank you to show your appreciation.

3. Call a Boss

One great way to show how much you appreciate someone’s hard work, is by telling their boss. Supervisors need to know who is doing a good job so they can recognize them.  Most companies really appreciate hearing this feedback because it gives them the opportunity to recognize their staff. Even the best supervisor can’t watch every single employee every single moment, so to hear it straight from the source that their staff is doing a great job is always appreciated. A quick call or email to the Director of Nurses or an Administrator is an easy way for supervisors recognize their employees’ hard work.

4. Write a Review or Letter to the Editor

If someone has really made a difference in your life, and you want to share that genuine care with others, writing a review or letter to the editor is a quick and effective way to say thank you and share your appreciation. Find your local newspaper, or look up the nursing home on social media sites such as Facebook or Google to share your positive experience. This also helps other families who may be looking to find a place they can trust.

5. Snacks and Food

For those of us who don’t always feel comfortable sharing sentimental emotions, little gifts like muffins or pizza is an easy tool to demonstrate gratitude. It’s certainly never expected, and for family members it’s something easy they can know will be appreciated.


So that’s it. Five easy ways to say thank you during Nursing Home Appreciation Week. While goodies are always an option, please remember the biggest, best gift of all is really just a genuine thank you.

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